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Rocking Chair

Big comfortable rocking chairs

I purchased two of these for our front porch. These are heavy duty rockers that are about 20% larger than a standard rocking chair. They have a nice wide seat, and a tall back, so its perfect for a larger frame person (me). The material is recycled plastic and seems very sturdy. The seat shape is perfect and very comfortable. The chair is packaged very well surrounded by lots of foam board. Those appear to be stainless.

Rocking Chair

M. Kullenberg

January 4, 2021

Camping Mattress

A rooftop tent must!!!!

Bought two of the smaller ones for my smittybuilt roof top tent ( rtt) wow what a difference!!!! Inflates to a full 4" combined with my original mattress I know have a 6" mattress and when deflated I can leave it in the tent. It's easily the best upgrade. Valve design is genius. Super affordable compared to the competition. It fits like a glove. Thanks for making a affordable product. Can't comment on durability as I've only slept on it two nights but seems well made.

July 1, 2020

Adirondack Chair

So far so good, MUCH better than typical air mattress

To begin with, I'm not a big fan of adirondack chairs ... just don't do anything for me. They look nice, but not the most comfortable outdoors chair on the planet. Bought this for my Mother-in-Law, as it was on her B-day list. I have to admit though, it was packaged very securely, and very easy to assemble! Not too bad to sit in, either. It's not a wood chair, but feels like the real thing. An A+ for the designers of the chair!
Glenn Kristiansen

June 25, 2021


larger than expected

I grew up camping. my kids grew up camping. I spent a lot of time camping without a tent because tents were super frustrating. Always a broken or missing pole. Always too small, or not waterproof enough. Now, with my grand baby getting older, we are looking at getting back out into the great outdoors more frequently. This tent is huge. We tried to set it up in my living room, since it is like 3 degrees outside and there is a ton of snow and ice out there.What I did find is that it is a spacious tent that will be easy t assemble. It's got the poles built in, and you just have to fold them out and fix them open.
Purchased: Camping tents Orange



January 21, 2020

Absolutely Buy This

Listen up, you beautiful beaches, because I'm about to funk you up with some truth. This is hands down a quality fire pit. Everything the description says is the full on truth. This pit is deep and thick, and it keeps the fire burning hot and slow. If you want every single one of your neighbors to tell you, "Daaaang, son, I like your set up", get this fire pit. But if you have no neighbors and live in the country like a boss, still buy this pit. What I'm saying is, is this pit is legit. Trust me.
Purchased: Fire Pit

June 14, 2021

Best tent close to being in a tornado 🌪

This tent is awesome! Went camping and a tornado came and we had to go to our tent because there was no where else to go. The wind was blowing like crazy, it was hailing, and lightning, and this tent stood its ground! It was a scary moment for us. Luckily for us, the tornado hit about a ¼ mile away. The only reason our belongings got wet is because our windows were open and I didn't get in there fast enough to zip them up. It rained all night and all day and we stayed dry and comfortable.
I highly recommend this tent.
Purchased: Camping tents for 8 person

May 24, 2021

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