Our Mission:

Add more joy to the family life of consumers.

Our Vision:

Become the world's  sweetest outdoor  brand.

Our positioning:

We are committed to creating affordable, high quality products that add more joy to the family life of consumers around the world. 

Our slogan:

QOMOTOP, Gathers Beautiful Moments!

Our Core Values

Create high-quality products,Create a harmonious family atmosphere

Long-termism, use eco-friendly material to adhere to sustainable development.


Our story:

Our brand name qomotop is derived from the Qomolangma, meaning the top of Mount .
As our team pursues -- bring high quality products to our customers,add more joy to the family life of consumers.
We screen and compare our supply chain over and over again, and design our products to satisfy our customers in every detail.

Here are the original words of leader of our team:

In the early days of my business, I traveled a lot because of my pursuit of excellence,
At that time, my son was 5 years old, my daughter was 7 years old, and I had very little time to spend with my wife and children.
I missed some of the best years of their lives.
In their eyes, their father was like a traveler in the house, coming back occasionally and going away again immediately

Once I had a rare vacation to spend time with my wife, I suddenly found that the table and chairs at home were a little loose in the legs and feet, I realized that I had spent too little time with them, such a problem I had not been able to find before, if I spent more time at home, I could not stand my wife using poor quality materials for furniture, if she fell, I can not imagine that scene..
I also take my kids camping when I'm at home, but sometimes in bad weather, the outdoor products we buy are hard to protect from wind and rain, which makes me and my children's happy mood suffer because of the bad products.

So that's why I created this brand. we are committing to creating affordable, high quality products that add more joy to the family life of consumers around the world.

I hope that every father like me will not miss this time with his children
I hope that every product we produce can stay with the family for a longer time
I hope our products can witness this beautiful period

This is what we are trying to do now
Our high quality products can bring every family a safety, peace of mind and security, accompany the family growth, witness this time, but also can bring joy and happiness to the family.

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